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Lilian Bruce, Founder

A resident of Ventura County for over 30 years, Lilian has a deep love and connection with the place that she calls home. Throughout the years, by both family life and her career, Lilian has grown to know and understand her surrounding community in a special way. This has organically led her to have a greater understanding of some of the problems that residents throughout the community face.

In 2013, while facing a scenario in which her father-in-law suffered sudden health changes, her life changed. First hand, Lilian began to experience how difficult it was to find trustworthy and experienced care that was up to her standards. Well-known by her peers as a notorious go-getter, Lilian took her frustration and turned it into action.

While overseeing her father-in-law’s hospice care, Lilian began working with local business owners, leaders, and workers in both the healthcare and in-home care industries. During that time, she began to understand the many different facets of both industries and the unique regional challenges that they face.

With a background in Medical Billing, Bookkeeping, and Human Resources, Lilian challenged herself to explore ways in which she could raise the bar of both patient care and employment being offered in Ventura County. It wasn’t long before colleagues began encouraging her to start her own company. In 2014, Lilian opened L.I.F.E. Inc., which at the time operated solely as a referral service. Shortly after opening, Lilian expanded her business to include non-medical caregiving. 

Today, Lilian remains committed to not only increasing standards in her immediate industry, but increasing the livelihood of all residents in the county, no matter their background. She currently serves as an Ambassador with the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce and is a Board Member with a local non-profit organization, the Channel Islands Gulls.